Add-a-Garage is without doubt a step above the rest. They have a great understanding of the structural requirements for garages and provide us (structural engineers) with much needed value engineering during the design process. In our 15 years of work with Add-a-Garage, we have found that they display a unique ability to provide a quality end product in spite of the always difficult site conditions and adjacent property restraints.
-- Double-D Engineering, INC

Add-a-Garage has constructed several garages and done several foundation replacements for me over the past twenty years. I have consistently found them to be easy to work with, with simple and straightforward fixed-price contracts. To the extent there have been change-orders, they have been reasonable and very understandable. The quality of their work for me has been excellent, with little to no damage to finished areas of the homes, even though some movement might have been expected. In situations where the unexpected occurred in terms of field conditions, they knew what to do and were quick to rectify any difficulties. The workmen are polite and attentive and really work hard. What more can I say? I really like working with them and will be happy to have a conversation with anyone who wishes to contact me about them.
-- Nina Hatvany, Coldwell Banker

As a general contractor, I rely on subcontractors to contribute to the success of my projects. I have worked with Fred and Ken at Add-a-Garage on many projects over the last 15 years. All the projects have been successful. Fred and Ken are problem solvers able to accomplish the most technical and challenging situations that leave even seasoned construction professionals baffled. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
-- Kevin Brunner

Thanks, Add-a-Garage. You did a wonderful job, and we feel more secure than ever.

I always wanted a garage but my husband was skeptical. Now, we have a beautiful garage and I am one happy woman.

The best investment we ever made! Thanks to the great work of Add-a-Garage we now have a secure foundation for our home and a wonderful garage.

Exceptional service,
craftsmanship, and
brilliant quality.